What HIEDA can offer to customers as a resin abrasive manufacturer

Founded in 1961.
Since opening our doors for business as a button manufacturer, Hieda Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. has focused on thorough quality management and leading-edge technology to manufacture products that support the day-to-day operations of our customers. Our main abrasive products are painstakingly manufactured under the strictest quality control to maintain ideal hardness and particle size distribution to ensure high machinability.

Employing unique, low-cost production methods, HIEDA has expanded its business from the manufacture and development of resin abrasives using as many as 10 different raw ingredients to the sale of glass beads for road construction.

We continuously anticipate customer needs by leveraging our extensive experience in manufacturing, sales, and the precise classification of particles as we strive to meet and exceed customer expectations both now and for the future.

What's New

The Ueno-yama factory has discontinued its food grinding operations and is nowdedicated solely to the production of 'Ume flakes' .
The Motomachi factory has been transformed into a contracted grinding facilityfor materials such as resins and rubber.
Additionally, a new 17,500 square meters Inanari factory has been completed inWakayama Prefecture.

One-stop operation, from receipt of orders to delivery

HIEDA manufactures and sells resin abrasives made from as many as 10 different raw ingredients. Our flexible response to small- and large-lot production orders enables us to manufacture custom-made products that satisfy individual customer needs. We also sell glass beads in a wide range of sizes.


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Acquisition of United States Military Defense Specification (MIL-SPEC) Certification
Thorough quality management & inspections

HIEDA is the only company in Japan that has acquired United States Military Defense Specification (MIL-SPEC) Certification for three abrasives, as well as Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) Certification for glass beads used for road construction. With our skilled engineers and highly efficient manufacturing methods, HIEDA manufactures and delivers high-quality products under rigorous, full-scale quality management regardless of lot size.


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Contributing to society through the manufacture of highly reliable products while striving to advance regional development and the preservation of the global environment